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Aiming For A Deadline Is The Same As Aiming To Fail

We all too often think of a Deadline as the ‘finish line’ for a task, but deadlines are, in fact, the point at which we have failed. Aiming at the deadline is aiming to fail.

We need to think of the deadline as our worst possible finish date even if everything that CAN go wrong, DOES go wrong.

Even if you chronically procrastinate to the last possible moment. Even if everyone you’re counting on lets you down.  Even if the power or your internet goes out for a day. Even if your computer burns out or is lost and you need a new one. Even if there’s a death in the family and you’re suddenly away for a few days.

Assuming ALL of these things are likely to go wrong you still need to beat the deadline.

So you need to decide how much extra time do you need to allow for all these things. Whether it’s a few days, a week or several weeks, THAT is your actual “Finish Line”, your real target date.

Aim for this target date instead of the deadline and you’ll be aiming to succeed brilliantly and consistently.