About: How We Got Here

Business Webbing Systems™ was founded in 2004 by Ian F. Hood

Ian started as a computer hobbyist in 1981, officially entering the computer industry in 1989 with Computer Sciences, Computer Assisted Engineering and Computer Assisted Manufacturing Technology diplomas. In 1999 he moved focus from desktop/PC to 100% online systems (now known as ‘the cloud’).

By 2002 Ian had dismissed web-scripting languages (PHP, ASP, JSP etc) in favour of Python, Zope/Plone and Amazon’s rapidly emerging AWS infrastructure. In 2004 he founded Business Webbing Systems™ with the mission to provide other businesses with state-of-the-art membership-portals: complete with full-featured content management and/or built-in custom software/applications.

In 2008 Business Webbing partnered with and began work on The Trusted Advisor Toolkit which is an enterprise level portal of intranets for world-class financial advisors. The CMS side provides the Advisors’ teams with proprietary financial services training and resources while dozens of built-in custom apps provide the needed tools to effectively coordinate their high efficiency teams and client-related workflows.

The ‘Toolkit’ launched officially September 2009 and since then has spawned several related portals such as: The Committed Advisor System, The Advisor PACT and others. While some of these are independently owned, all of: the technology, R&D, development, maintenance and advanced support are provided by Business Webbing Systems™. These portals serve a variety of Advisor Teams throughout the English speaking world.

Prior to 2011 Business Webbing had periodically hired Plone developers for specific, short term projects.

Luke Brannon joined Business Webbing permanently in 2011 after having been vital to the successful launch of the Toolkit in 2009. Prior to joining Business Webbing Luke had worked on multiple Plone projects at U.C.L.A.

Ian and Luke have worked together exclusively and full time on the Toolkit and its associated portals ever since. Alejandro Pereira from Argentina joined the team for about 18 months in 2014/15 during which time he substantially improved testing of the Toolkit’s custom apps.

Business Webbing has always been a 100% ‘remote’ operated company, as has the Toolkit.  Both companies were among the pioneers in remote-business operation and developed an exceptional culture of communication and personal responsibility in order to function successfully. Since 2008 Business Webbing has been instrumental in seamlessly coordinating clients and staff spanning 4 continents.